Awardee Gallery

The PhilFrance Scholarship programs were founded in 2016 in an effort to provide exceptional Filipino students access to France’s higher education system.

The first batch of awardees, then comprised of grantees of both the PhilFrance Master and the PhilFrance-CHED programs, pursued degrees in France.

Specializations in fields such as management, public health, international development, public policy, and the French language were highlighted and remain the more sought-after education paths in France, both to scholars and independent students alike.

2022 PhilFrance Master

Ralph was a visa officer at the Embassy of France prior to his application to the PhilFrance program.

There, he was able to observe and was inspired by the migration phenomenon of Filipinos travelling to France. He is now taking his Master’s in Migration Studies at the Université Paris Cité.

Apple applied for the PhilFrance program after she was inspired by her diverse experience as an international student.

After she concludes her Food Politics program at ESPOL Lille, she aims to have a hunger-free tomorrow.

2022 PhilFrance-DOST

Studying in France and its world-renowned research was made a reality for eight scholars in 2022 thanks to the Embassy of France and the Department of Science and Technology.