What do you mean by French public higher education institutions/universities?

  • Frais d’inscription à l université (University registration fees) at public universities are regulated by the French government at the following annual rates (as of the 2020 academic year) for students from outside the European Union:
    • Master: €3 770
    • Doctorate: €389
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that registration fees of the graduate program they are interested in are within this parameter.
  • Please visit the Other resources section of the site which contains links to program search engines, institutional profiles, and additional information concerning the the French public university system.

NB: It is essential to understand and not to confuse the distinction between these two terms to be able to identify eligible programs:

  • Registration fees (public universities)frais d’inscription à l’université 
  • Tuition fees (usually for specialized schools and institutes, private higher education institutions  = frais de scolarité