• Very short periods spent studying outside of France, for example, attending an academic conference, will not affect the coverage of the scholarship
  • Any extended period spent outside France during the academic year (such as semester or year abroad) will not be covered by this scholarship
  • Ineligible international/mobility programs:
    • Erasmus Joint Master’s degrees
    • Dual-degree programs with international higher education institutions

In this (unlikely) case, please contact us before submitting your scholarship application, clearly stating the programs and French HEIs you wish to apply for.

Yes, you are free to apply to as many graduate programs as you wish — provided that you complete one new scholarship application for each program, even if you will submit similar or identical documents (1 program = 1 online scholarship application)

  • No. The HEI must be French and not the French campus of a foreign school or university.
  • Similarly, the scholarship will not cover studies spent outside of France, even it is within a foreign campus of a French HEI. 
  • Master’s degrees in all academic disciplines (not technical or vocational) are valid.
  • Certificate programs are ineligible because they are not sanctioned by a degree