The PhilFrance-DOST Program

The PhilFrance-DOST Program

The PhilFrance-DOST program aims to foster the mobility to France of Filipino professionals working in academic, research, or government institutions. Awardees are selected jointly on the basis of academic excellence to pursue a Master’s or Doctorate degree in French public higher education institutions under the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research of the French Republic.

Aspiring researchers and specialists in the hard sciences, this program is for you!

Scholarship Benefits

Care of the Embassy of France

  • Coverage of enrolment fees for master’s and doctorate programs under the jurisdiction of the Ministry for Higher Education (Diplôme National) up to EUR 3,770/EUR 380 per academic year, respectively (frais d’inscription). Other costs distinct from the frais d’inscription (such as frais de formation, purchases of educational resources, pedagogical activity fees, etc.) will be shouldered by the grantee.
  • Exemption from the CVEC (after obtention of certificate of exemption)
  • A healthcare package consisting of social security coverage and supplementary insurance (mutuelle)
  • Possibility of obtaining student accommodations at a preferential rate, notably in accessing CROUS student housing services
  • Discounted rates for cultural activities organized by Campus France
  • Exemption from long-stay student visa fees (distinct from TLS Contact processing fee)

Care of the Department of Science and Technology

  • A monthly stipend to cover living costs throughout the program (calculated by the DOST)
  • Economy class ticket from Manila to the French city of destination, including a return ticket of the same class upon completion of the study program.

Eligibility Criteria

Application Requirements

Service Obligation and Other Conditions

Return Service Obligations for Scholarship Awardees

A grantee of the PhilFrance-DOST immediately upon completion of his/her degree program shall return to the Philippines to render service physically on a full-time basis in his/her sending institution, preferably along his/her field of specialization, for a period equivalent to twice the length of time that he/she enjoyed the MS/PhD scholarship.

Any service rendered before the completion of the scholarship grant shall not be counted/considered part of the service obligation.

Other Conditions

  • This scholarship program will adopt the existing policies on foreign scholarships implemented by DOST-SEI;
  • The qualified applicant will pursue MS or PhD Program on a full-time basis for a maximum period of 24 or 36 months, respectively;
  • Officially enroll as full-time graduate student;
  • Not avail or enjoy any other scholarships;
  • Must have a full-time commitment to the scholarship and must not engage in any form of employment during the scholarship period;
  • Required internships (stages obligatoires) within the academic year are allowed
  • Be willing to render the required service obligation equivalent to the length of time the scholar enjoyed the scholarship-two years of service for every year of scholarship or a fraction thereof;
  • Non-completion of degree or failure to render service, preferably in his/her sending institution, may be a ground for refund in full the total financial assistance received with 12% interest to the DOST-SEI; and the salaries and other remunerations, if there is any, to his/her sending institution; and
  • Fulfil the conditions set down by the Parties for the implementation of the PhilFrance-DOST Fellowship Program in accordance with regulations and the existing academic calendar in both countries.

Timeline and FAQ

2024 Calendar

February 9 – Opening of applications

April 7 – Deadline for submission

June 10 – Announcement of results (Dependent on joint agreement between DOST and the Embassy on the final list of candidates selected by DOST on that date).

It is highly recommended that future applicants to the PhilFrance-DOST program, particularly at the doctorate level, consult the FAQ page to learn more about the Ph.D application procedure in France.