The PhilFrance Master Program

The PhilFrance Master Program

The PhilFrance Master (formerly known as PhilFrance) is a comprehensive scholarship destined for the next generation of Filipino leaders with strong academic, leadership and professional abilities. All applications from master’s degree students from any study field, registered in either public and private establishments are eligible!

Scholarship Benefits

  • A monthly stipend of EUR 860 regardless of city of residence
  • Coverage of enrolment fees for master’s programs under the jurisdiction of the Ministry for Higher Education (Diplôme National) up to EUR 3,770 per academic year (frais d’inscription). Other costs distinct from the frais d’inscription (such as frais de formation, purchases of educational resources, pedagogical activity fees, etc.) will be shouldered by the grantee.
  • Exemption from the CVEC (after obtention of certificate of exemption)
  • A healthcare package consisting of social security coverage and supplementary insurance (mutuelle)
  • Possibility of obtaining student accommodations at a preferential rate, notably in accessing CROUS student housing services
  • Discounted rates for cultural activities organized by Campus France
  • Economy class ticket from Manila to the French city of destination, including a return ticket of the same class upon completion of the study program. Taxi and shuttle fares, as well as public transport fees are not covered.
  • Exemption from long-stay student visa fees (distinct from TLS Contact processing fee)

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be:

  • Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines at the time of application
  • Graduates or graduating students of a Philippine Higher Education Institution
    • College students must have completed their undergraduate programs by September in the intended year of studies for master’s.

Eligible programs:

Any full-time, on-site degree offered in a French higher education institution that issues a master’s degree upon its conclusion is eligible.

Study Program: 100% on-site, master’s programs that lead to the obtention of a Diplome National or a state diploma. Note that not all programs offered in public institutions result in a Diplôme National. There are different ways of identifying whether your desired master’s is eligible:

  • All programs listed on MonMaster are eligible, albeit not always taught in English. Non-francophone applicants must consult the course outline or dedicated program page to verify its medium of instruction. A guide on the MonMaster platform is available on the FAQ & Resources page.
  • The Taught in English catalog allows students to search state diploma programs. Selecting the [National Diploma] and [National Fees] in the search engine parameters produces a list of eligible programs.
  • When in doubt, send an e-mail to the local Campus France office for help in determining a study program’s status.

Label of master’s degrees issuing a Diplôme National

  • Language of instruction: English, French, or both
  • Duration: 18 to 24 months (including mandatory internship) beginning in academic year 2024

    The following programs are NOT ELIGIBLE:

    Application Requirements

    Please note that all submitted documents, except for the academic essay, must be in either PDF or image format. Submissions are done entirely online and any submissions delivered to the Embassy of France or the Campus France office will not be entertained.

    Timeline and FAQ

    2024 Calendar

    February 9 – Opening of applications

    June 2 – Deadline for submission

    June 6 – Announcement of results

    Got questions? Visit the FAQ and Resources page.