Application material


Please make sure to double-check your documents before submitting them.

Applications that do not follow these instructions (such as having incorrect/incomplete files) will be discarded.

DOST requirements

  • Completed DOST Application Form 
    • Available for download here
  • Birth certificate
  • Endorsement from two former professors in college (For MS applicant) or from two professors in the MS program for applicants pursuing a PhD program
    •  If employed at the time of application submission, please include these two additional documents:
      • Recommendation from Head of Agency
      • Permission to take a leave of absence (LOA) while on scholarship
  • Medical certificate as to health status and fitness to study from a licensed physician with his/her PRC license number indicated
  • Valid NBI Clearance
  • Budgetary requirements (with supporting document for bases of rates used)
    • Available for download here 
  • Re-entry plan, narrative


French Embassy requirements

  • A CV (maximum of two pages) detailing your academic, professional, and leadership experience
  • An academic essay no longer than 500 words, explaining your reasons for wanting to study in France and how your experience and degree will benefit the Philippines and Filipino society
    • NB: Essays exceeding the word limit will be discarded along with the application. Be advised that we ask for an academic essay, not a cover or motivation letter.


Common requirements 

  • A certified true copy of the official transcript of records (university-level grades)
  • A copy of the program of study or study plan (your chosen program’s curriculum or academic calendar) for its duration
    • This is usually available on the website of the French HEI. You can also ask for a copy from their admissions team or program coordinator
  • Letter/s of acceptance or proof of a completed application to Master’s or PhD degree programs, issued by the French public university where you applied to
    • Letter/s of acceptance: Digital copy or screenshot of acceptance email
    • Proof of a completed application: Screenshot of the automated email confirmation upon successful submission of your application or a screenshot of the onscreen notification (on the HEI's online application portal) of your completed application
    • Important note for PhD applicants:
      • In applying to Doctoral schools in France, it is common for candidates to contact a laboratory/department or a professor directly through email
        • As an alternative proof of application, we accept PDF copies of your correspondences provided that it states their interest in your proposal or approval in supervising your research work.


Document formats:

  • Word (.docx) format
    • Re-entry plan
    • Academic essay
  • PDF format
    • All the other documents 
    • Kindly reduce the size of your PDFs, the maximum file size for each PDF is 2 MB.

Important points to remember:

  • The online application form is only accessible through a desktop web browser and is not available on mobiles and tablets.
  • Additional documents (such as letters of recommendation) submitted without the Embassy requesting them, will not be accepted.
  • Any attempt to unduly influence the decision-making process (such as intervention by third parties) will result in the dismissal of the candidate’s application.

All applicants will receive an automated email confirmation when they submit their online application. However, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the scholarship committee regarding the results of their application.